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Single Release from upcoming album “ZEITFREI”

gruenrekorder Sound Art Series, Gruen 208 / LC 09488 / GEMA

ARIADNE is the first of three single releases from the new record “ZEITFREI” which features the Soprano Maraile Lichdi. The album will be released within the Sound Art Series of label “Gruenkekorder” in February 2022.


Release of the new album in February 2022 at Gruenrekorder Label

gruenrekorder Sound Art Series, Gruen 208 / LC 09488 / GEMA

In the original songs of the album ZEITFREI the mesmerizing timbre of the classical soprano voice of Maraile Lichdi interweaves with an acoustic and electronic world of sound.

The songs are characterized by the concept of the ambivalence of the temporal in music. In the lyrical, sketch-like texts, always vague and associative, the topics of transience, vanity, disorientation, loss of control, alienation, farewell, sorrow and finally the invincibility of time but also the resilience of man, are reflected in polarising musical levels. These poles are represented in the unstoppable and directed passages of time, to be heard on the one hand in melodies and melodic fragments and on the other in repetitive and ecstatic sound fields.

The inescapability of time is thereby confronted with the ancient desire of man, the utopian ideal of overcoming finiteness by overcoming time itself. The dream to be, and to stay, free of time.



Songs for tenor and electronics

gruenrekorder Sound Art Series, Gruen 197 / LC 09488 / GEMA / EAN 195497263899

Resonant Dowland represents an individual and contemporary interpretation of the songs of Renaissance composer John Dowland. His songs, flying in from the past, become completely subjective by their full integration into an electronically generated world of sound where they are absorbed structurally, gesturally and sonically. This digital recomposition and the aura of Dowland`s songs meld together in a surprising, gentle and respectful, even symbiotic way. The resounding fragments from a mysterious past find their echo in the acoustic chamber of our present world, which receives them into its own digitally-processed musical space without endangering their centuries-old magical essence. Resonant Dowland connects a creative musician of the Elizabethan age, on the threshold of discovering musical individuality, with his colleague who, separated by centuries, lives in an age of digital absorption of sound, in music whose unequal layers shine iridescently through each other. The central idea of this electronic renaissance could be represented by the image of the palimpsest, the res facta of the past, that has seen several lives.

Nominated for “Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik” Q2 2021 (longlist)

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